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Let’s talk about recipes!  I love a good recipe but I can never stick to it.  I am constantly changing them.  Tweaking this, leaving out that, it really is a sickness with me that started when I bought a restaurant in 2006.  The cafe I bought was located in a small Texas town on the courthouse square.  It came with a limited menu, a Chef, and a chef’s cookbook.  I learned a great deal from the Chef, and I am forever grateful for that, but the one thing I really learned was if I didn’t like the way something tasted, my customers wouldn’t either.  That didn’t always go over very well with the Chef which is why, after a few years, they moved on to a larger city.  So, there I was, the chief cook and bottle washer and I had to find my way!  This was possibly the beginning of my recipe adventure.  I would take any recipe I found and revise them.  My food motto is that when I taste something I don’t want to immediately know what the spice or flavor is.  I want my food to awaken my senses like a soft summer breeze, not like a Texas tornado (Sorry, had to throw some fluff in there).  This food motto has served me well.  From Chicken salad that had customers guessing what the seasoning was, to crab cakes that were so balanced that they merited mentions in Texas Monthy (twice), I was killing it. I continued to kill it in the restaurant, at vinyards giving cooking classes, selling spice blends to customers and online, hell… I was even asked for my autograph a few times.  Yep, I was killing it, until the restaurant almost killed me instead (But, that is another story).  

Now, nine years after I stepped away, I am ready to step back in.  I never stopped cooking, I never stopped working on cooking skills, and now I am looking forward to sharing some of the recipes that I have revisited and revised over the years.  I am going to continue to post these recipes here on my blog, but I am excited to say that I also have a cookbook in the works.  Recipes, Revisited and Revised by Simply Maurie Kay.  The good news is the book will not only have recipes that have been passed down to me from past generations, recipes I revised for the restaurant, but also new ones I have created and tweaked along the way.  So, stick around for a while as all this unfolds because it is going to be fun!

The first official recipe, revisited and revised is headed to the blog in my next post,  make sure and check that out! 


Maurie Kay

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