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The other day I wanted to make some traditional Fajitas but I ended up not having everything I needed for my traditional marinade so, I came up with this Margarita Steak Fajita Marinade and OH MAN! 

I don’t make Fajitas very often because honestly, I just don’t think about buying the skirt steaks when I am at the meat market but, with the meat prices being so high right now when I found some on sale I jumped at it.  The only problem I ran into was when I got home I did not have everything I needed to make my traditional fajita marinade!  Instead of driving back into town, I punted and used some margarita mix (I used Traditional Mixers) instead of lime juice (I only had lemon juice).  What I ended up with is now absolutely my favorite fajita marinade EVER!  I am calling it my Margarita Steak Marinade. Isn’t it amazing how improvision often turns out to be the best thing?  These fajitas have an amazing flavor that just can’t be beaten!  Tender and juicy with a hint of sweet and a kick of spice, they are definitely going to replace my traditional fajitas. 

PREP: 3 hoursCOOK: 20 minutesYield: Whatever you want



  1. In a mixing bowl, combine the olive oil, orange juice, margarita mix, lime juice, cilantro, and taco seasoning.
  2. Place the skirt steak into a large zip lock bag or a sealed container with the marinade and allow to sit for 2-3 hours or longer.
  3. After the skirt steak and marinaded and you are ready to make the fajitas, peel and slice the onion, and slice the pepper (you can use whatever colors of pepper you would like, I just chose the sweet yellow pepper this time)
  4. In an iron skillet or large saucepan, melt the butter, and sautee the onion and pepper until tender.  
  5. Place the fajita meat on a broiler pan and broil on high for 7 minutes on each side.
  6. Slice the meat thin, and add it to the skillet with the onions and peppers.  
  7. Continue to cook until the desired doneness.  
  8. Serve on flour tortillas with all the fixings.


Maurie Kay

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