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Food is the fabric of life!  I am pulling one thread at a time and living life to the fullest! 

I love to cook! Well, duh, why else would I be spending so much of my time posting recipes, writing blogs, and taking pictures of food? But, it is more than that to me. Food is a passion. It has always been a blessing to have on my table (thanks to a Dad that worked in a job he often didn’t like) my whole life. Food is the catalyst to memories for me. Much like a song bringing to mind a particular place in time, food brings me a feeling that everything will be alright no matter what. It is the thread that has always been present in my life.  My earliest memory from childhood is from hiding in a corner cabinet with jars and jars of bread and butter pickles that my mamma and a neighbor had made and eaten every last one of them, one jar at a time, throughout the whole summer. Oh, my mamma was mad when she went to open a fresh jar and found nothing left but a few jars of juice. I have no idea how I didn’t have a tummy ache all summer long that year. Memories from peeling peas, shucking corn, picking wild berries on the sides of the red dirt road on the walk home from the school bus, and having dinner on the ground ever so often at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church is what makes me, well, me.  Simply Maurie Kay.  

I started this blog to record all the recipes I love and some that I like for my daughter Raychel. Ya, see, when she was a little girl, I owned a restaurant. It wasn’t much, but it kept me so busy that I never really took the time to teach her my recipes. She spent her time refilling water glasses and taking money from customers at the til because she was just a little too little to be with me on the line or manning the grill. The grill helper was my oldest son Jacob, and the busboy was my youngest boy, Jared. Years after I had to let the restaurant go (health reason – which is for a later blog), she bought me a book with blank recipe cards and asked me to start writing them down. Well, I was shocked that I had apparently failed as a chef mom and never really considered that I wasn’t passing things on to her like my meme, mamaw, and mamma had to me. So, here I am. Having a blast, reliving memories, making new memories, and gaining a few pounds on the way. But hey, what are a few pounds if they make great memories.  

I sure hope that the few of you following along are getting a little something out of this. I know I will continue to blog away – even if the only one who will ever read it is Raychel and maybe her daughter one day.  

Food is the fabric of life.  From memories to sustenance, without it, we cease to be who we are.

Who I am, started with around 25 jars of bread and butter pickles. 


Maurie Kay

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