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Pillsbury Busy Mom Cinnamon Rolls
Busy Mom Cinnamon Rolls

Busy Mom Cinnamon Rolls are great for that Monday before Christmas when busy moms are at full-time jobs.  We have kids, husbands, and a home that we care about and are so busy with the shopping, wrapping, and basic Christmas merry-making that we are getting more and more stressed by the minute.  Well, I came across a new Pillsbury product and thought – OMG, this is the ultimate cinnamon roll cheat ever! I have come up with an easy recipe for cinnamon rolls that will put smiles on faces for a breakfast treat on one of your crazy mornings!

Sure, you could make cinnamon rolls from scratch, but why should we?  Time spent with family during this season is more important.

Busy Mom Cinnamon Rolls

Yield: 8 rolls per can

You will need:

Wax/Parchment paper


Baking Sheet


Take parchment paper and place it on a baking sheet.  Unroll the can of Pillsbury Crescent Sheet on the parchment paper.  Melt the butter and spread it on the crescent sheet, then sprinkle the sugar, cinnamon, and pecans on the sheet.  Oliver Pecan Co. out of San Saba, Texas, gave me a FULL bag of pecan pieces to use this holiday season! Roll the sheet up and then roll the parchment paper around it.  Place it in a freezer for 15 minutes so that it will slice better. Once chilled, unroll the paper from it but keep the dough on the parchment, trim the ends off and slice the roll with a sharp knife.  I love my knife from The Pampered Chef. Place the rolls on a parchment sheet lined baking sheet. I take a toothpick and secure the roll to hold it together better while baking. Bake them in a 350-degree oven for 15 minutes.  While baking mix the powdered sugar and the milk together for the icing.

These are so easy to make, and they taste amazing! If you want to try another sweet breakfast treat try my Breakfast Muffin Cake!


Maurie Kay

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