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Butter Cake Recipe

Easy Butter Cake

This easy butter cake is the cake I use when I want to have a beautiful cake for a party.  I used it for all the birthday parties I hosted in the restaurant, and now I make it for all the family special occasions. Recently, Raychel, my beautiful (not that […]

Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe

Busy Mom Chocolate Lava Cake

As the mom of three kids, I understand that often you really want to make something awesome for your kids but you just don’t have the time or the energy to make something awesome and complicated every single day!  When I owned a restaurant, the kids were very accustomed to […]

Sweet Barbecue Chicken Recipe

Sweet Barbecue Chicken

As food hacks go, this one is a good one. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in making something “from scratch” that I forget to take something already made and just make it better. Kinda like I do when I start with a boxed cake mix to make a great […]

Italian Cream Cupcakes Recipe

Italian Cream Cupcakes

Today, I decided to make an Italian Cream Cake (as cupcakes).  I was headed to Burnet, Texas to meet my sister and do an exchange in a parking lot of the HEB.  An exchange for Easter. She is bringing me a couple of things I need for Austin and in […]

1916 Banana Nut Bread Recipe

1916 Banana Nut Bread

I am so excited about a cookbook that my mother and father-in-law have passed on to me!  It is called Fredericksburg Home Kitchen Cook Book and it was originally published in 1916.  The last time it was revised and enlarged was in 1957. The book is full of what I […]

Red Beans and Rice Recipe

Red Beans and Hot Water Bread

Tonight I wanted to make something vegetarian.  I have a friend on Instagram that is in the middle of celebrating Chaitra Navratri and I am posting this with respect for her celebration.  I started thinking…. vegetarian does not always mean vegetables. So, I made some awesome red beans, rice, and […]

Rolo and Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Rolo and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Since we are trying our best to stay at home, Raychel and I decided to make a new recipe for cookies.  We used some Rolo’s we had leftover and supplemented them with some chocolate chips. It took two tries to get the recipe to turn out as I wanted it […]

Cajun Chicken Chili Recipe

Cajun Chicken Chili

In these uncertain times, I find myself looking for recipes that are easy and don’t contain ingredients that are getting hard to find.  When I made this the other night all of the things I needed were already in my pantry or freezer. This recipe can be made really quick […]

Sweet and Sour Pork

Not a Normal Blog Post

Today I decided that instead of doing what I normally do and cooking up something in my kitchen, I would go get some Chinese takeout from my small towns one and only Chinese food restaurant.  As a previous restaurant owner, I understand what a downtick in customers can do to […]

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Balsamic Vinaigrette

This is the recipe for the house dressing I served at the Acme Cafe.  We went through it like crazy! It was used for the salads, it was also what I marinated my chicken breast in, and it is the base for the wonderful pasta salad we served.   Simply Maurie […]