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Tonight I wanted to make something vegetarian.  I have a friend on Instagram that is in the middle of celebrating Chaitra Navratri and I am posting this with respect for her celebration.  I started thinking…. vegetarian does not always mean vegetables. So, I made some awesome red beans, rice, and some old fashioned hot water bread (like my momma used to make).  

Red Beans

Yield = 2 Pounds


Wash and clean the pinto beans.  Put in a pot and cover them with water.  Boil the hell out of them! Don’t let the water evaporate.  Always add enough water to be around two inches above the beans.  Once the beans are tender (approx. 45 min.) add the sugar and the salt.  Simmer uncovered for 30 minutes more. If you don’t want to do the vegetarian version of these beans you can add sliced sausage, cooked ground sausage, bacon, or ham.  Whatever type of meat you would like should be added when you add the seasoning.  

Hot Water Bread

Yield = 10 -12 pieces


Mix the dry ingredients with a whisk.  Slowly pour the boiling water while mixing.  It may not take all the water to reach a sticky dough-like consistency.  Do not over add the water. The mixture will be HOT! I use a large spoon and a spatula to form the bread and drop into the hot oil.  Fry on both sides until golden brown.  

Serve the beans with some white rice and the bread with some butter.  

The Instagram TV video is posted @simplymauriekay.  


Maurie Kay

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