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CUT – REDUCE – AVOID – LOSE -DENY… I feel like these are such negative words!  STOP using them! 

RE-BALANCE – MODIFY – SIMPLIFY- ALLOW… These are so much nicer!  

One thing I have definitely figured out, it is much simpler to achieve a balanced breakfast plate than a balanced dinner plate!  In the mornings, before the stress of the day starts, having the will power to avoid UNNECESSARY carbs is so much easier.  Notice how I capitalized UNNECESSARY?  I believe that some carbs are needed for balance but too much of a “good” thing will throw you off.  I tried cutting my carbs way down, and while I did drop a few pounds, I felt horrible and had the most God awful legs cramps all throughout the nights.  What I have found is that balance is the key – unfortunately, a cake can be a key too (at least to my heart).

I LOVE to create recipes.  I love to make people happy by feeding them my food.  I love it when I run into people in the store and they tell me they have tried something from my blog and how much they loved the recipe.  I will never stop cooking and creating food for my family or my followers but I have to keep in mind BALANCE.  The way I do this is simple!  Do I want a biscuit with my breakfast? YES!  Do I want orange juice? YES!  Do I have to have the whole biscuit or the whole glass of juice?  NO!  I don’t deny myself the piece of cake at a party, I allow myself the enjoyment of a smaller slice.  I don’t need to cut my carbs, I may just need a little re-balance of the plate. It is these simple little mind shifts that can cause a life change instead of the back and forth, up and down, roller-coaster cycle of an unhealthy lifestyle.  

I will continue to make decadent desserts and the best southern comfort food you have ever tasted but rest assure a thinner slice of cake or a smaller portion of my sweet crispy chicken tenders taste just as good.  

For this breakfast I used:


Maurie Kay

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