Marshmallow Fruit Dip

Marshmallow Fruit Dip Recipe

The other day I made this Marshmallow Fruit Dip, and now I wonder why I haven’t been making it every time I slice an apple. It is so easy to make and will take any fruit tray to the next level.  I can envision a charcuterie fruit board with this so many different fruits at […]

Apple Sweet Dip

Apple Sweet Dip

With Fall in the Air… OK in Texas it is more like ” Hello, Winter is here”… I get this overwhelming urge to eat more apples. This Apple Sweet Dip is the perfect thing to serve up with sliced apples. It is so tasty, that the kids won’t have any problem eating their fruit and […]

Easy Chicken Spread Appetizer

Easy Chicken Appetizer

So, I really didn’t have any plans for the Super Bowl.  Just hang with my husband and my son for the day… and then my son says “Hey Mom, can some friends come over and watch the game?”.  Of course, I say. “No problem”, I say. Next sentence, “Great Mom, they want to know what […]

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