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So, I really didn’t have any plans for the Super Bowl.  Just hang with my husband and my son for the day… and then my son says “Hey Mom, can some friends come over and watch the game?”.  Of course, I say. “No problem”, I say. Next sentence, “Great Mom, they want to know what food you’re going to make for us!”. I love having a teenager in the house!  🙂

I plan on making a lot of food including this one Easy Chicken Spread Appetizer recipe I came across in my old recipe files.  It was given to me by a friend in Florida over 14 years ago. I have changed it some but it is still the easiest appetizer ever.  

Easy Chicken Spread Appetizer

Yield = One appetizer ball


In a bowl combine all ingredients with a fork.  Form a ball with the mixture in cling wrap. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour (overnight if you want).  Remove from cling wrap and plate. Sprinkle with more Cajun Seasoning (if you like it hot) or use paprika for some color.  Serve with a mild cracker. For another great Super Bowl party favorite try my tasty Easy Crust Pizza.

The instructional video is on my IGTV and my Youtube @simplymauriekay.


Maurie Kay

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