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Chocolate Pie

Beginners Chocolate Pie

This recipe is the easiest thing you will ever make!  My family loves it and requests it for birthdays and holidays. I don’t think it will ever get a mention in Texas Monthly (like my crab cakes have) but it is still a crowd-pleaser.  So, if you are looking for […]

Chicken and Dumplings

Old Fashioned Chicken and Dumplings

When it starts getting cooler here in Texas my kids start asking for Chicken and Dumplings.  Along time ago my mother-in-law gave me her recipe for dumplings and I botched it for years! I have finally figured out the right proportions and now my dumplings are consistently good every single […]

Simple Quiche

Easy Quiche

One of the things we served every day at the restaurant was the quiche.  The recipe is so simple and fun to make that I still make it at home. We also used this recipe at a large family reunion.  We were all staying at a house on the coast […]

French Toast

French Toast Two Ways

Holiday time is always a little stressful for the cook and breakfast is something that tends to get placed in the back of your mind.  I have two wonderful recipes for French Toast I would like to share. One of them I make all the time for my family because […]