I love to food blog, but it’s killing me!  OK – maybe I am exaggerating, but I have a little problem.  The more I blog, the more I cook, and the more I cook, the more I eat.  Do you see a pattern here?  This pattern that I have been in over the past year […]

Food is the Fabric of Life

Food is the fabric of life

Food is the fabric of life!  I am pulling one thread at a time and living life to the fullest!  I love to cook! Well, duh, why else would I be spending so much of my time posting recipes, writing blogs, and taking pictures of food? But, it is more than that to me. Food […]

Soda Vs. Powder

Baking Soda vs Baking Powder

Ever get a frantic phone call about soda vs. powder? My daughter just moved into her first house with her first kitchen and she is learning the “kitchen” ropes. She calls me the other day because she is baking some cookies (from scratch), had some baking powder, but the recipe called for baking soda! She […]

Watermelon Tips and Tricks

Watermelon Tips and Tricks

As we get closer to the 4th of July, Raychel and I had to have a talk about some watermelon tips and tricks!   I grew up in East Texas where my Daddy grew Watermelons and then sold them on the side of the road.  As a matter of fact, I was always told he had […]

New Kitchen Must-Have Spices

Spice Selection at HEB

I cannot believe that my daughter, Raychel, is about to have her own home!! I could go on and on about how just yesterday she was learning how to crawl, but that would make this a very short post because the crying would start.  Yes, they all grow up!  She is my middle child and […]

A Cookbook? What? YES!

Recipe Research Cookbook

Let’s talk about recipes!  I love a good recipe but I can never stick to it.  I am constantly changing them.  Tweaking this, leaving out that, it really is a sickness with me that started when I bought a restaurant in 2006.  The cafe I bought was located in a small Texas town on the […]