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One of the things I want to get better at is cooking Chinese style food.  This recipe for Sesame Chicken is one of the first I have come up with, and I must say it is a keeper.  I started researching how to make it and, through trial and error, figured out what I liked and what I didn’t like.  

The Sesame Chicken Recipe that I created is so easy to make, and it tastes fantastic.  I am going to continue to experiment with this style of cooking.    My teenage son wants me to try Chinese dumplings, but I may have to work up to that one. 

Sesame Chicken Recipe
Sesame Chicken Recipe



  1. Place the cornstarch, salt, and white pepper in a gallon-sized zip-lock bag.
  2. Whisk the egg in a small bowl.
  3. In a small bowl, mix the rice vinegar, soy, minced garlic, sesame seeds, water, and brown sugar. 
  4. Cube the chicken breast into small pieces.
  5. Heat the oil in the frying pan.
  6. Coat the chicken with the whisked egg and then place it into the zip lock bag.  Seal and shake up the bag to coat the chicken. 
  7. Fry the chicken pieces 1 – 2 minutes on each side or until they are golden brown. 
  8. Remove from oil.
  9. Drain the hot oil from the pan, leaving a small amount in the frying pan. 
  10. Add the chicken back to the pan and pour the vinegar mixture over the chicken.
  11. Stir and heat until the chicken is sticky.
  12. Garnish with additional sesame seeds and green onions
  13. Serve over cooked rice.


Maurie Kay

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